ACNC Reporting and Updating for Congregations


Most Congregations are Basic Religious Charities (BRC).

Congregations that meet the definition of Basic Religious Charity, do NOT have to:

  • answer financial information questions in its Annual Information Statement
  • submit annual financial reports to ACNC (regardless of its size), 

All Congregations must:

  • submit an Annual Information Statement which includes information about your activities
  • Notify ACNC of any changes to information submitted


Annual – due 31 December each year for most Congregations[1]

Responsible Person:

Treasurer / Public Officer / Secretary

Congregation Obligations:

To Submit an Annual Information Statement to ACNC:

  • Log in to the ACNC portal
  • Enter your email address and your password
  • Click Sign in
    • If you have forgotten your password, click
      • Forgot your password?
      • Enter your email address
      • Click SEND VERIFICATION CODE and an email will be sent to you
    • You should see your Congregation name listed
    • Click on your Congregation name
      • Click MANAGE PEOPLE
      • Edit the list of responsible and authorised people
        • Click on the down arrow on the Right Hand Side >> Edit
        • To remove someone, simply enter an end date
          • Click SUBMIT
        • Add any new people by clicking
          • Add Responsible Person


          • Add Authorised Person
        • Fill in the details
      • Click SUBMIT
  • To Edit Report
  • Click Start 20xx AIS (or the appropriate year)
  • You will see the following – click START and wait
  • Read and Click NEXT

Charity Details

  • Enter details as requested NB
    • an asterisk - means the data is mandatory
    • a search icon – means you need to click on this after entering the details
  • If you are a Basic Religious Charity, you will answer NO to the following:
    • Is your charity an incorporated Association?
    • Does your charity intend to fundraise in the next reporting period?
    • Could your charity be registered with any other subtype of charity?
    • is your charity incorporated or registered under certain legislation?
    • Has the ACNC allowed your charity to report as part of a group?
    • is your charity endorsed as a DGR or does it operate DGR funds or authorities or institutions that had total revenue of $250,000 or more in the reporting period?
    • Has your charity received more than $100,000 in government grants in the current reporting period, or in either of the previous two reporting periods?
  • Tick
    • Annual Revenue less than $250,000 (small charity)
    • Click SAVE and NEXT

Charity Programs

  • Respond YES to the question
    • Did your charity operate in the 20xx reporting?
  • Click NEXT
  • Write a brief description of your purpose and click NEXT eg
    “By providing worship services and pastoral care”
  • You need to add a program if you do not already have one eg “Advancing Religion”

People finance and reporting

  • Complete the details about Number of Employees
    • NB FTE (Full-time equivalent) means the equivalent of the number of people working 100% - eg if 2 people worked 50% each, you would have 1 FTE
  • Enter the approximate number of volunteers
  • If you are a Basic Religious Charity, you can tick NO to the question “Do you want to complete the finance section?”
  • Click NEXT

Review and submit

  • You can Review the AIS before submitting it
  • Add the relevant details for the Declaration
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Click DOWNLOAD your submitted AIS if you want a copy for your records.


[1] ie if your Financial Year is July to June